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Graphics community of Norfolkdumpling
Graphics community of norfolkdumpling

All graphics made after 1st January 2011 will live here. All previous graphics can be found at my personal journal tagged 'icons'

Resources for graphics-making from the following (in no particular order), with thanks:

iconographer jillian519 crazydelight shalowater sixtysixheavens white_lilie flame_inside_me flashbackblanky antagia reyesphile wizzicons dissendiun ispanomania perquisites meathiel daintybird blue_emotion sith_romantic jordannamorgan hamynah innocent_lexys 51291 rhcp_csi erase_away phinjay mellowmint worship_elle 99cherries naginis xiggy01x sweetgirl7808 generosa asunder cdg retrographic sparklpocalypse nineteen07 erniemay extraobsession spooky_window mrs6 bubbles001 damerel yebabe seeaseye banquier polaroidburn 823freckles onlyabreath just_miya anliah treasuresex icons_by_mea noisettee lidi coy_dreamer babliz spiritcoda eveningwalk basta_tragedy lore_85 yunhe roserascal kiho_chan lifeisdolce iconraven burgundy_shoes piemin inxsomniax gfx_soul schacily rebeccama aoi_sama896 kopgirl paintedlullaby seewrong lore_85 artphilia scrawled uncreativ naginis ziolola createdreams that_flies cielo_gris candycrack pig iroppoii lil_brokenangel universal_icons aulxdayz leilax fedor_morkvo wednesdaycats samelthecamel black_balloonxx x_heavenly_x missstarlight the_mischief emonet25 isleofyew oum_boojae graphicmaker1 vert_gazon stagesix vampkiss sci8fi see_andbelieve starlit_designs pebls carpenterchild lookslikerain colorfilter sparkling_eye briarrose_icons phaantasia sebina tragic_icons rightsaidred elanordh xonlyashesx ownthesunshine piemin inxsomniax asunder myrasis madamtorsion presents lostluck_icons luthien_black brokendartist marys_angel sanya4 faded_icons ssaya pixelfun vikyvampirs90 ohfreckle onecoldcanadian tihana chambertin padabee esquaire knooqi light_ofmy_life orangessky brazen_water daintydeers j_k_icons aoi_sama896 november_again darlaslilgirl diane91 tomycoffee twinstrikeish before_water joel_le unanalyzed audiotaping tiger_tyger brutal trapne red_fairy_only xswaniconsx tralala_icons drankmywar deny1984 midnight_road ninamarja queen_bartonia

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